Kidnapped on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 9pm local time, Mr. Théophile Ntirutwa, local leader of FDU-Inkingi in Kigali-City, reappeared yesterday September 20, 2016 at 11pm.

According to his testimony, Mr. Théophile Ntirutwa was kidnapped by soldiers while he was returning home on his motorcycle. He was forced into their vehicle. Upon tying him up, handcuffing and blindfolding him, the soldiers took him to a locality he couldn’t formally identify because his head and eyes were covered. However, he thinks that it could be the Kami military barrack because of the time it took the soldiers to get there and evidence he came across for a brief moment when the bandage was removed from his eyes.









Picture 1: Théophile Ntirutwa before his abduction   Picture 2: Théophile Ntirutwa after his release

Upon his arrival at his detention facility, Mr. Theophile Ntirutwa was treated several times for his wounds probably in order to conceal evidence of the torture he went through. He indeed received several kicks, slaps and butt-stroking. During his captivity, Mr. Theophile Ntirutwa suffered from harsh interrogation techniques, which were accompanied by torture on his hands, in the flanks and on the head as such a torture is evidenced by his pictures taken before and after his abduction. Following the intrusion into his cell phone and throughout his interrogation, Mr. Théophile Ntirutwa was questioned on the organization chart of FDU-Inkingi political party, the number of party members, the names and contacts of party correspondents inside Rwanda and abroad as well as the alleged links with General Kayumba Nyamwasa, the 1st vice-coordinator of Rwanda National Congress (RNC) political party.

Before being taken to Mount Rebero, the locality where he was dumped, Mr. Théophile Ntirutwa was asked to leave FDU-Inkingi in exchange for a preferential treatment.

FDU-Inkingi praises such an exceptional courage of its local leader in Kigali-City who refused to yield an inch to RPF blackmail and is very thankful to all individuals and moral entities that rallied for Mr. Théophile Ntirutwa and allowed him to be found alive.

Picture 3 and 4: Théophile Ntirutwa after his release

It is obvious that such a kidnapping is part of a general campaign aimed at intimidating members of the opposition in general and of the FDU-Inkingi in particular. Indeed, this kidnapping comes just days after the arrest of Miss Gasengayire Leonille, Treasurer of FDU-Inkingi and the assassination of Ms. Iragena Illuminee who was Head of a local NGO that takes care of needy people in Kigali-City. Moreover, Mr. Jean Marie Vianney Kayumba, the Spokesman of PDP-Imanzi political party, was arrested by Rwandan police on September 18, 2016 for unknown reasons that seem to be part of the same campaign of intimidation against members of the opposition.

FDU-Inkingi condemns such outrageous acts and calls upon the Rwandan government to stop them because intimidations will never stop deep aspirations of the Rwandan people to peace and multiparty democracy.

FDU-Inkingi also calls upon the international community and donor countries to put pressure on Rwandan authorities so that they may open up the political space and allow Rwandan citizens to exercise their constitutional rights of association and expression, which is the only way conducive to lasting peace in our country.

Done in Paris, France, on 21 September 2016.


For FDU-Inkingi

Dr Emmanuel Mwiseneza

Second Secretary General