FDU-Inkingi finds it outrageous that IBUKA would taunt the Dutch Parliament the same way it does towards the Rwandan Parliament. IBUKA should know that there is real separation of powers in the Netherlands and that the Netherlands as a sovereign country has sovereign authority on its territory and on its relations with the outside world.

It is perfectly legitimate that the Dutch Parliament, in its capacity as representative of the Dutch people, asked the Dutch Minister of Justice:

-   His opinion on the report of the expert Mr. R. Witteveen, which involves the Rwanda’s ability to guarantee a fair trial in Rwanda. This expert was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an advisor to the Rwandan authorities on matters of justice.

-   How could the request for extradition be implemented when the official report of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ambtsbericht Rwanda, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Augustus 2016) and several international human rights organizations have  highlighted the dictatorial nature of the Rwandan regime and the persistent interference of politicians and the military particularly, in trials against members of the political opposition while the Rwandan justice is “theoretically independent.”

The parliamentary majority recommends that, in light of the above, it is necessary to suspend the extradition and recommends inter alia that additional impartial investigations be conducted in Rwanda and that the suspects be prosecuted in the Netherlands where there is applicable expertise and experience.

The political party FDU-Inkingi has always condemned the genocide committed against Tutsis and called the perpetrators to be brought to book. It also, at the same time, condemned the exploitation of this genocide for political purposes. It is sickening to see that the organization IBUKA, which had a noble mission of defending the interests of genocide survivors, has become a tool of the RPF totalitarian regime aimed at to conducting a witch hunt against real political opponents and/or anyone perceived as such.

FDU-Inkingi condemns the cynicism of the Kigali regime and its lobbies for exploiting a national tragedy for political purposes.

FDU-Inkingi takes this opportunity to remind the public opinion that it has sent an open letter to the Foreign Minister of Rwanda to express its protest against the interference of the Rwandan Government into Dutch courts via its ambassador to the Netherlands. It turns out that it is this same ambassador who chaired the meeting of IBUKA Europe Chapter to urge the latter to protest against the decision of the Dutch Parliament. FDU-Inkingi wonders if this kind of behavior by the Rwandan Ambassador to the Netherlands is compatible with his mission and responsibilities.

It is high time that the RPF regime and IBUKA learnt to have a minimum of courtesy and respect for the sovereignty of other peoples and their democratically elected institutions.

Done in London, UK, on September 30, 2016


Justin Bahunga
Commissioner for External Relations and Spokesperson