Rwanda : 7 fellow FDU- Inkingi members preventively detained since 15th September 2012 still in Custody


Seven fellow FDU- Inkingi members preventively detained since 15th September 2012 still in Custody: The intermediate court of Karongi has heard the bail appeal.

Today, 28th November 2012 during the appeal hearing, the prosecution has injected an additional conclusion to the court, charging the accused of acts of felony, according to the 570 article of the national penal code.[1]”.

The fellow members detained are Mutuyimana Anselme, Uwiringiyimana Venuste,Ufitamahoro Norbert,Twizeyimana Valens, Byukusenge Emmanuel, Nahimana Marcel and Ms Gasengayire Leonille. This appeal hearing was supposed to seize on 21st November, but it has not seized due to a conscious miscommunication between the Karongi court and the Prison of Muhanga. This kind of court ruling delay has been used for long by Rwandan jurisdiction system to weaken the opposition moral in general and to break any opposition support attempt.

Since 15th September 2012, the court had prolonged twice their preventive detention period, among the motivations advanced of that prolongation request were that prosecution has opened an investigation on the Key element of the trail Mr. SIBOMANA Sylvain, the FDU-Inkingi secretary general who had organized the so called meeting, has gone missed according to the prosecutor. These fellows, are being charged of illegal meetings, and threatening the country security by calling the population to revoke against the ruling government. The court verdict on appeal is on 30th November 2012 at 10:00 AM.

The party FDU-Inkingi calls for an immediate release of the fellow members, and warn the RPF regime for the last time to stop these shameful acts of intimidation, torture and arbitrary arrest against the opposition members.

”We do meet because we are preparing legal registration for further political agenda. We are; according to the national constitution law; meeting people in order to get enough membership. Denying us meeting or discussion on Rwandans issues is denying our political will; we are in accordance with the rights of association and freedom of expression, and we shall not stop it, until we get the change we want”.

Interim Vice President





1 Rwandan national penal code: Article 570: “Any person who has knowledge of a felony about to be committed or that has been committed and fails to inform security organs, judicial or administrative authorities while this information could help prevent or limit its consequence, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two (2) years to five (5) years and a fine of one hundred thousand (100,000) to one million (1,000,000) Rwandan francs….]