FDU-Inkingi leader Gratien Nsabiyaremye abducted by marine personnel

Kigali, 02 January 2012

Last night, a platoon of Gisenyi based marine unit attacked the residence of Mr. Gratien NSABIYAREMYE, member of the interim Executive Committee of FDU-INKINGI in charge of youth and resident of Rubavu District (Nyamyumba sector, Rubona cell , Kabiza village). The military personnel invited him to follow them to unknown location but he declined because they failed to display an arrest warrant or any other legal document allowing them to carry out night arrest. The house remained under military siege the rest of the night.

Early morning he was forcibly abducted. We don’t know whether this kidnapping is related or not to a motorbike accident that occurred yesterday in his direct neighborhood. Because that time, to residents insisting to impound themselves the motorbike, he advised them to get in touch with local security staff.

FDU-INKINGI has engaged Gisenyi senior police authorities and the national police spokesperson with no help. Eye witnesses reported that Mr. Gratien NSABIYAREMYE was severely beaten by a military officer named Captain RUTABURINGOGA.

FDU-INKINGI is seriously concerned by this unrelenting persecution of our leaders and members. We are ashamed by this behaviour of members of the army involved in brutal kidnapping of innocent citizens. We call upon the government to ensure that Gratien NSABIYAREMYE is safe and to investigate this case.



Interim Vice President