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PRESS RELEASE  n. 008/2017


The Rwandan political opposition platform composed of political organisations Amahoro PC, FDU – Inkingi, PDP – Imanzi, PS –Imberakuri and Rwanda National Congress‐ RNC would like to condemn in the strongest terms the raid of the family house of Ms Diane and her family members and taking them to an unknown location.  The family was not given the opportunity to talk to its lawyer.

When questioned about the incident the police spokesman confirmed the raid, but said that it was carrying out preliminary investigations into suspected tax evasion and forgery.

Election results in Rwanda mark the darkest day for Rwandans

Press Release


While Rwandans and the world expected the North Korean style election results in Rwanda, their announcement is foreboding.  It means a continued repression of Rwandans inside and across borders as well as regional destabilisation. What in store for Rwandans are “arbitrary or unlawful killings; torture; harassment, arrest, and abuse of political opponents, human rights advocates, and individuals perceived to pose a threat to government control and social order; security forces’ disregard for the rule of law; and restrictions on civil liberties hence denying citizens the ability to change their government through free and fair elections”. It will also mean anti people and haphazard policies i.e. agricultural policy, more political and social exclusion which have the root cause of the cycle of political violence in Rwanda.

The illusion of any change of government in the near future has been dispelled by the statement of the Speaker of the Senate Mr Makuza Bernard calling on the people of Rusizi at a rally in the western province on the 28th of July 2017, to start thinking of voting President Kagame for another 10 years i.e. 2024- 2034. The same strategy of preparing the public opinion to the amendment of the Constitution in 2105, was used in 2010 by the Home Affairs Minister Sheikh, Fazil Harelimana

The Unified Democratic Forces (FDU-Inkingi) would like to thank very sincerely the journalists and through them their papers, for helping to remove the blinders that the international lobbies have used to present Rwanda as a country of a burgeoning democracy, a reconciled nation with a promising bright future.

Rwanda: The entrenchment of President Kagame in power is a threat to peace and security in the Great Lakes Region – P5 Open letter to Chair UNSC

Open letter to Chair Security Council


H E Ambassador Abdellatif Aboulatta

President of the Security Council

P304 East 44th Street - New York, N.Y 10017

5th August 2017


The entrenchment of President Kagame in power is a threat to peace and security in the Great Lakes Region.


On the 3rd and 4th of August 2017, Rwandans performed the ritual of confirming Paul Kagame as President of Rwanda for the next 7 years and potentially beyond. President Kagame rightly announced on his 1st day of campaigning in his home town of Ruhango on the 14th of July 2017, that the elections were over following the referendum of December 2015 in which he got the score of 98% of the votes, almost equal to the score in Iraq under of Sadam Hussein, 100% of votes in 2002, and of Assad of Syria, nearly 90% of votes in 2014 and North Korea 99.99% in 2016.