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Dumping ground for the “underdogs” of Rwandan capital Kigali exposed by HRW – but just a tip of an iceberg.

Press release N° 002/2015

The political platform composed of political organisations Amahoro PC, FDU-Inkingi, PDP – Imanzi, PS-Imberakuri and Rwanda National Congress – RNC would like to express its gratitude to the Human Rights Watch for calling for the closure of the Unofficial Detention Centre in Gikondo – Rwanda.

The platform is quite pleased that the Human Rights organisation has helped to demonstrate with this small but sad story, the true nature of the Rwandan regime: lack of empathy and disregard for the disadvantaged people in the community, mockery of the rule of law, cynicism and obsession with external image at the expense of its own citizens. As Daniel Bekele, the Africa Director at the Human Rights Watch points out, the positive image of Kigali as clean and tidy is highly paid by the underdogs of the city: the socially and politically excluded i.e. street vendors, sex workers, beggars, homeless people, and suspected petty criminals who are forcefully collected as refuse from the streets of Kigali and dumped in a centre away from the eyes of external visitors. “The contrast between the immaculate streets of central Kigali and the filthy conditions in Gikondo couldn’t be starker”, the HRW points out.

The underlying part of the iceberg

FDU-Inkingi sends out an SOS message for the personal safety of Gratien Nsabiyaremye threatened by the RPF regime in Rwanda

Mr. Gratien Nsabiyaremye, Commissioner for Political Affairs of FDU Inkingi is threatened by the regime of the RPF Inkotanyi. There are serious indications that his life could be at significant risk of harm, particularly because of his negative response to the psychological pressure to join the RPF Inkotanyi party.

We would like to recall that the Secretary General of FDU – Inkingi, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, was arrested, in this same place of Rutsiro where Gratien is teaching, for the sole reason of being seen sharing a drink and chatting with a few people in a pub. This was construed as a recruitment meeting for people to join his party FDU- Inkingi.