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Rwanda uses the husband to break Ingabire

Oct 3rd, 2014 at 16:46 | By Anneke Verbraeken | Category: Top news

On Friday 26th of September, Lin Muyizere, husband of jailed opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, received a letter from the Dutch Immigration Service (IND). In this letter he was accused of genocide. The accusations seem to have a political background: further inflammation of Rwandan opposition.

Lin Muyizere handing over a petition about Ingare to Angelien Eijsink, member of the Dutch House of Representatives, 21 january 2014 – Credits: Anneke Verbraeken

Jan Hofdijk, legal advisor, wouldn’t accept the letter from the Dutch immigration service sent to Lin Muyizere. ‘The IND believes lies from Rwanda.’ He returned the letter with an additional letter of his own, summoning the IND to nullify the accusations.

Muyizere has the Dutch nationality since 2012 and is devastated. ‘How can I tell my 12-year old son this news?’ he said. His Dutch lawyer Jan Hofdijk is furious: “Rwanda uses Ingabire’s husband to break her. They have no evidence other than two anonymous witnesses. This letter is Muyizere’s death sentence” He added.

Victoire Ingabire was in The Netherlands when the genocide started in 1994. She lived in the Netherlands for 16 years. She returned to Rwanda in 2010 to participate in Rwandan presidential elections. But she never got a chance. In April 2010, she was arrested for the first time. In 2013 the Supreme Court found her guilty of threatening state security, denying genocide and spreading rumours intended to incite people. The Supreme Court reaffirmed a previous judgment and increased her sentence from 8 to 15years imprisonment. Her trial and appeal were branded as ‘politically motivated’ by human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.


Press Release

The ordinary congress of the Political Party, FDU-Inkingi, held its meeting on the 13-14, September 2014. More than 75% of delegates, well above the required quorum for the congress to sit, enthusiastically embraced congress deliberations. Delegates hailed from different continents and countries including Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, and the UK), America (the US) and Africa (Rwanda and Senegal). Participants to the Congress discussed the socio-political situation in Rwanda and the ongoing repression against the Rwandan people;

Aware that the RPF regime continues to close the political space and resorts to killing or to state sponsored enforced disappearances of its critics,

Referring to the resolutions taken by the latest extraordinary congress held in Breda, The Netherlands, in April 2014;

Takes the following Resolutions :


On September 13th, 2014, the political party FDU- Inkingi held its Ordinary Congress in Alost, Belgium.

Following the approval of the minutes of the latest Extraordinary Congress held in Breda, Netherlands, on April 13th and 14th, 2014, the Congress put into effect the resolutions relating to the elections of the Governing Body of the Party.

Rwandan official disappears after Common wealth games

August 7, 2014
Written by David Isabirye
Published in Others

A top official from Rwandan contingent to the 2014 Common wealth games has vanished.

Leon Mutangana, 35, the coach of the Athletics disappeared without a trace from Team Rwanda camp in Glasgow, Scotland.

His absence, first noticed midway the games was at first covered up by the other traveling officials as there remained some ray of hope for his resurfacing that never was.

USA-Rwanda: A joint memorandum of Rwandan opposition political parties and civil society organizations submitted to the White House with regard to the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit: August 4 to August 6, 2014.

August 1st, 2014

Excellency, Mr. President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

Re: President Paul Kagame’s criminal record, human rights abuse practices and dictatorship

Your Excellency Mr. President:

Rwandan opposition political parties and civil society organizations operating in the US are very thankful to you, President Obama, for wanting to engage African Heads of states on matters of mutual interest. However, the same organizations invite the US Government to take a hard look on the criminal record of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, his human rights abuse practices and his dictatorship against the Rwandan people, which are not consistent with American values and ideals. The ultimate goal is to avoid getting America’s image tainted abroad by its association with Kagame’s criminal enterprise.

USA: Rally against President Paul Kagame’s visit to the White House

For Immediate Release


Rally against President Paul Kagame’s visit to the White House

What: Rally to protest the hosting of Paul Kagame to the White House, despite his criminal records, his human rights abuses and his dictatorial regime.

Who: Friends of Rwanda, Human rights activists, and the people of the Great Lakes region of Africa living in the US.

When: Monday, August 4, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Venue: East Side of the White House Side Walk in Lafayette Park.

Plea to stop attempt to deport Rwandan Refugees and government critics living in the Netherlands

June 24th, 2014

His Excellency Mark Rutte
Minister-president, Minister van Algemene Zaken
Postbus 20001; 2500 EA Den Haag
The Netherlands

Re: Plea to stop attempt to deport Rwandan Refugees and government critics living in the Netherlands

Your Excellency,

We, the undersigned, send this letter to your Excellency, to express our deep concerns for the security of many Rwandan refugees who have sought asylum in the Netherlands. This urgent call by the leaders of Rwandan opposition groups FDU-Inkingi, Rwanda National Congress (RNC), Parti Social-Imberakuri, Amahoro People’s Congress, PDR-Ihumure and PDP-Imanzi is based on unrelenting threats to deport to their home country, without any due process, many Rwandan refugees accused of acts of genocide. We believe that the decision of Madam Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza (Chair, FDU-Inkingi) and Me Bernard Ntaganda (Founder and Chair, PS-Imberakuri) to take part in the presidential elections in 2010 and the subsequent flawed judicial process that they faced, should be an eye opener to the Netherlands authorities.

Rwanda: Government intensifies intimidation of FDU-Inkingi leaders

Paris, June 27, 2014

Today, Mr. Boniface Twagirimana, FDU-Inkingi Interim Vice Chair, was stripped off his mobile phones and national ID card, confiscated by secret services, when he went to visit the party Interim Secretary-General, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, in Kimironko detention facility, where the latter has been detained since April 2, 2013 on politically motivated charges. Allegations of torture targeting FDU-Inkingi detained members have been reported in Kimironko, Muhanga and Mpanga prisons.

Rwanda: Police must be held accountable for the soaring disappearance rate

Paris, May 22nd, 2014

These past few months, a number of reports that the police failed to respond to the wave of disappearances of an astounding number of civilians in different parts of Rwanda have reached an alarming level. Most of these cases occurred in Rubavu District in Western Province, Musanze District in Northern Province and Nyarugenge District in Kigali City Province. The role of the police and other security forces must be fully investigated. They need to take stock of their inability to solve many serious crimes and summary executions committed by their members.

Reliable information indicates that most of the people gone missing have been abducted by police officers and operatives of secret services on suspicion of collaborating with the FDLR, a Rwandan armed group based in Eastern DRC. In some cases, the whereabouts of the victims are still unknown since March 2014. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has investigated some of these cases and has recently reported that it has received information that some of the people who were forcibly disappeared were detained by Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) and believes that they may be in military custody. The Rwandan military has denied.

Rwanda: Letter of congratulations to President Jacob Zuma, on the commending victory of ANC in South Africa’s general elections

Amahoro People’s Congress – FDU-INKINGI – Rwanda National Congress


May 10th , 2014

Letter of congratulations to President Jacob Zuma, on the commending victory of ANC in South Africa’s general elections.

H.E. President Jacob Zuma
President of the Republic of South Africa
Union Buildings
Private Bag X1000,
South Africa

His Excellency,

On behalf of the Rwandan political platform FDU – Inkingi, Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and Amahoro People’s Congress, we extend sincere congratulations on the landslide victory of ANC in the 7 May 2014 national elections. South Africa has again chosen your party, African National Congress, to preside over its destiny for another term. Your tireless leadership, extraordinary dedication and wisdom have raised immense hope in your country and in the whole Africa during this period of a radically changing continent with enormous challenges. And you were the right person to lead your party to this commanding victory.

Rwanda: FDU- Inkingi denounces Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi’s fraudulent action

Kigali, April 11, 2014

In a Press Release titled “The Chairperson of FDU-INKINGI sets the record straight“, Jean- Baptiste Mberabahizi, who portrays himself as the Secretary General and Spokesman of FDU- INKINGI, a position which does not exist within FDU-INKINGI, pretends to report on an alleged reshuffling set forth by the party’s Chair, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. Such a gyp and/or a theft of bad taste is not the first one in the record of this man who, more than 3 years ago, deliberately left the part.

Due to the respect we owe to the people who have been duped by such an intoxication, we would like to highlight elements of forgery and use of forgeries in such so-called letter which was falsely attributed to Ms. Victoire Ingabire Ingabire, who reserves the right to seek legal redress:

1. First of all, the attentive reader would have noticed that the letter is just a tinkering of bad quality. By simply printing the note one would obviously realize that is a fake one.

2. Indeed, the so-called letter is a composite note made of several pieces extracted from Ingabire’s authentic notes all of which belong to the public domain. Thus, a portion of the second paragraph was taken from an authentic message of New Year’s Wishes from Ms. Victoire Ingabire dated on December 20, 2013, while lines 3-5 are simply false. Just pay attention to the contours of the letter N. The traces of such a combination of several pieces are clearly visible on the note’s printouts.

3. The so-called letter from Ingabire is awfully page numbered. Sometimes it indicates that it contains three pages, sometimes 2 pages and page 1 is shown twice. A clear indication of such a flagrant forgery.

4. For public information, the Ingabire’s original note of December 20, 2013 has 4 handwritten pages which are well numbered. It is from this note that lines 6-9 of the so-called latter were extracted. Even though we cannot publish the original note due to the respect we truly owe to Ms. Victoire Ingabire, such a note can be freely accessed by any person in good faith.

5. Worse, the signature on the so-called letter is a rough imitation of the Ingabire’s authentic signature.


AMAHORO People’s Congress – FDU-INKINGI – Ihuriro RNC

March 25th , 2014

The editorial and Short Wave broadcast of Radio Impala broadcasting on 16 meter band and KHZ 17,540 since November 2013 has been hijacked by third parties and is no longer under the supervision of the association Radio Impala asbl, neither under the management of the platform AMAHORO People’s Congress, FDU-INKINGI and RNC. This regrettable situation has been looming since January 1st 2014 and amicable efforts for redress have been exhausted.

It has been confirmed that the short wave station Radio Impala, the website, podcasts, facebook, and other related electronic media are constantly used by either or both Aloys Manzi, Paulin Murayi or Saleh Karuranga.

Rwanda: General Kayumba residence attacked by gunmen in Johannesburg, South Africa

Washington DC, March 04th , 2014

The Rwandan opposition platform RNC, FDU-Inkingi and AMAHORO People’s congress, unreservedly condemns the armed attack on the residence of General Kayumba Nyamwasa in Johannesburg (South Africa) by gunmen while the residents were away. We are thankful that nobody was injured. South African police and security services are investigating the attack. This is a third attempt on his life since his exile in South Africa in 2010.

The international community has witnessed the assassination of another opposition leader, Colonel Patrick Karegeya on December 31st, 2013, in Johannesburg (South Africa).

On January 12th , 2014 during a breakfast prayer function in Kigali (Rwanda), President Kagame commenting on the murder of the late Patrick Karegeya, confirmed that those who oppose his murderous rule should expect consequences and that it was just a matter of time.

To the Rwandan people, it is time to stop this criminal onslaught on Rwandan citizens. Our members and many other Rwandans know this is unacceptable and believe that an attack on one of us is an attack on all who support peace and the rule of law. As we have said before we shall never give up or give in till all Rwandans are free.

Let us unite, mobilize and organize!

Further details will be communicated later.

On behalf of the opposition Platform RNC, FDU-INKINGI and AMAHORO People’s Congress.

Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa
Rwanda National Congress.

Rwanda: SOS for DR Theonest Niyitegeka

Information from the family of DR Theoneste Niyitegeka indicates that his life is hanging by a hair’s breadth after he was thoroughly beaten by prison officials at Mpanga prison.  After witnessing the state of his health, his family reckon that only a miracle can save his life.

Relatives said that the incident took place following a visit from his lawyer on the 7th of February 2014. The lawyer went to explore with him the prospect of taking his court appeal outside of the Rwanda jurisdiction.

Rwanda: Sad 53rd anniversary of Democracy

On this January 28, 2014, it is indeed a sad anniversary of Democracy in Rwanda which happens when the Kigali regime assassinates its opponents in exile while the President confesses for the crime. We all recall that during the prayer breakfast of January 12, 2014 in Kigali, President Paul Kagame self-confessed for the murder of political opponent Colonel Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, on the night of New Year’s Eve and told the audience that he was surprised by the fact that the public opinion was shocked by such a murder and by his self-confession.

This sad anniversary is marked by a heavier sentence of 8-15 years in prison which was handed over by the Supreme Court to FDU-Inkingi’s Chair, Madam Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza for having committed the crime of lese majesty by announcing her intention to run for presidential elections in 2010. The FDU-Inkingi’s Secretary General, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, following his first conviction to two years in prison, has just received a new sentence of 6 years in prison from the High Court of Karongi for having held a private meeting with his party members. Several other members of FDU- Inkingi are in prison for various sentences, accused of having exercised their constitutional right of peaceful assembly and membership in a political party of their choice.

Rwanda: FDU-Inkingi refutes false statements from Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi

Kigali, January 26, 2014.


This Saturday, January 25, 2014, a gentleman named Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi issued a press release that uttered crude lies on an alleged meeting between the delegation of the UN investigators on human rights currently in visit to Rwanda and two members of the FDU-Inkingi’s Provisional Executive Committee (CEP), namely Flora Irakoze, the Treasurer, and Fabien Twagirayezu, the Spokesperson.

What is more disgusting is that in his press release Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi slandered two international organizations, namely Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, alleging that these organizations might have accompanied the CEP delegation which met with the UN investigators.

This lie alone suffices to reveal the true intentions of Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi. Indeed, it is incomprehensible and sad to implicate international organizations in a maneuver he already knew was malicious.