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Rwanda: “Rwanda the Untold Story” Letter of Mr Justin Bahunga to BBC

Mr. Tony Hall,

Director-General of the BBC,

Broadcasting House,

Portland Place,
London, W1A 1AA


Dear Mr Hall

I am writing to you for 4 reasons : 1)  to thank the BBC for its courageous stand to broadcast the documentary : Rwanda the Untold Story to allow all shades of opinion to be heard, however some may seem controversial,  a hallmark of a democratic system and protection of the citizen against tyrannical rule 2)  to appreciate the pressure that you will have to endure because you will have attacked very powerful interests in the academic, political and business circles  who have thrived on the monopoly of their narrative and conceptual framework about the Rwandan conflict  3)  to express my total dismay at experts who try to use a Rwandan national grief and tragedy, genocide against Tutsi,  to protect the monopoly of being called experts on the Rwandan  conflict 4) I shall make comments on the main charge sheet of the experts “scholars, scientists, researchers, journalists and historians (strange that no Rwandan is included in the list) against the BBC.

US express strong support to Rwanda Media commission

Posted by Great Lakes Voice Editor
November 05, 2014
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Photo: Ambassador Koran speaking to the press (Picture GLV).

Kigali, Rwanda ==United States of America’s Ambassador Donard W. Koran has expressed strong support to Rwanda Media Commission, the Media Self Regulatory body, saying: “Democracy and freedom of speech goes hand in hand.”

During Koran’s visit to Rwanda Media Commission [RMC] on Wednesday morning, he said it was part of showing support and appreciating steps taken by the body. He commended RMC for the work done since it was established last year.