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Rwanda: FDU- Inkingi denounces Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi’s fraudulent action

Kigali, April 11, 2014

In a Press Release titled “The Chairperson of FDU-INKINGI sets the record straight“, Jean- Baptiste Mberabahizi, who portrays himself as the Secretary General and Spokesman of FDU- INKINGI, a position which does not exist within FDU-INKINGI, pretends to report on an alleged reshuffling set forth by the party’s Chair, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. Such a gyp and/or a theft of bad taste is not the first one in the record of this man who, more than 3 years ago, deliberately left the part.

Due to the respect we owe to the people who have been duped by such an intoxication, we would like to highlight elements of forgery and use of forgeries in such so-called letter which was falsely attributed to Ms. Victoire Ingabire Ingabire, who reserves the right to seek legal redress:

1. First of all, the attentive reader would have noticed that the letter is just a tinkering of bad quality. By simply printing the note one would obviously realize that is a fake one.

2. Indeed, the so-called letter is a composite note made of several pieces extracted from Ingabire’s authentic notes all of which belong to the public domain. Thus, a portion of the second paragraph was taken from an authentic message of New Year’s Wishes from Ms. Victoire Ingabire dated on December 20, 2013, while lines 3-5 are simply false. Just pay attention to the contours of the letter N. The traces of such a combination of several pieces are clearly visible on the note’s printouts.

3. The so-called letter from Ingabire is awfully page numbered. Sometimes it indicates that it contains three pages, sometimes 2 pages and page 1 is shown twice. A clear indication of such a flagrant forgery.

4. For public information, the Ingabire’s original note of December 20, 2013 has 4 handwritten pages which are well numbered. It is from this note that lines 6-9 of the so-called latter were extracted. Even though we cannot publish the original note due to the respect we truly owe to Ms. Victoire Ingabire, such a note can be freely accessed by any person in good faith.

5. Worse, the signature on the so-called letter is a rough imitation of the Ingabire’s authentic signature.