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RWANDA: Protest against the life sentence for Deo Mushayidi

The judgment rendered on February 24, 2012 by the Supreme Court of Rwanda against Mr. Deo MUSHYAYIDI who was sentenced to life imprisonment proves conclusively that the Kigali regime continues its mission aimed at decapitating the Rwandan political opposition. The dismay caused by this unfortunate news led the party FDU-Inkingi to vehemently protest against the sentence which is nothing but a purely political decision. Therefore, the party FDU-Inkingi reiterates its support, its empathy for Mr. Deo MUSHYAYIDI and the members of his party, PDP-Imanzi.

At the moment when all leaders of the Rwandan opposition and various other opinion leaders are languishing in prison simply because they dare to denounce the wrongdoings of the current regime in Rwanda, the party FDU-Inkingi call upon all members of the party PDP-Imanzi together with other Rwandan political organizations that are strongly committed to bringing about a genuine national reconciliation, peace and justice for all, to stay awake and be more determined than ever before in their struggle. Indeed, for many of them, this ruling condemning Mr. Deo MUSHYAYIDI to life imprisonment comes as a hammer blow on the expectations and the aspirations of all committed democrats.

The struggle that this leader and his party, PDP-Imanzi, lead, they share it with Ms. Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA, the Chairperson of FDU-Inkingi, who is unreservedly involved in this struggle, along with other political opponents including, Mr. Bernard NTAGANDA, Mr. Charles NTAKIRUTINKA, Mr. Théoneste NIYITEGEKA and many others who also are languishing in Rwandan prisons. Therefore, the determination of all the people who share their ideals must be proportional to the fate they are enduring now, with the prospect of victory against a dictatorship with no human horizon.

The political party FDU-Inkingi calls upon the international community to bear witness of injustice that all Rwandan opponents are enduring inside their country, harassments, attempted murders, tortures, threats and abuses of any kind; practices to which are also subjected the people who fled the current regime in Kigali, which continues to hunt them even in countries where they found asylum.

Despite the backlash, our determination remains intact. We do not falter in our pursuit of reconciliation for which Mr. Deo MUSHAYIDI, a genocide survivor, remains a figurehead. The wind of freedom has risen. Faced with so many self-denials, privations and sacrifices endured by such exemplary leaders, we call upon all the Rwandan people to not relax in our fight for freedom.

Done in Lausanne, on February 28, 2012.



Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of FDU-Inkingi.


Kigali, 13 February 2012

Today, the opposition leader and chair of FDU-INKINGI Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was taken to the high court. The hearing will resume on 12 March 2012 after the defense counsel peruses the new indictment on acts of terrorism submitted just end of last week by the national public prosecution authority on grounds of evidential material from the Netherlands. The new indictment is in Kinyarwanda and needs to be translated into languages understood by her defense team.

The prosecutor has introduced a controversial evidence from a witness who allegedly has collaborated with the key defendant in contacts with people based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the same time, the very witness has told a Dutch investigating team that the government of Rwanda tried to kill her husband inSouth Africa after he declined a spy contract for their external intelligence network.

Last week on 07 February 2012, a Dutch envoy, adviser on Rwandan policy, held a business meeting with the FDU-INKINGI interim executive committee in Kigali. The delegation was briefed on the political trials against Ms. Victoire Ingabire and other key opposition leaders; the shortcomings of the Rwandan judicial system; interferences of governmental officials and the lack of political space in Rwanda.


Boniface Twagirimana
Interim Vice President

A manifestation in pink for Victoire Ingabire

The trial against Rwandan opposition politician, Victoire Ingabire (UDF), will start again this month in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. While the international press seems to have somewhat forgotten her, her supporters are taking to the streets. 

Victoire Ingabire’s supporters have announced that a weekly demonstration, with everyone wearing pink, will be held in front of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, to protest against what they consider to be a political trial. The Rwandan regime has charged Ingabire with, amongst other things, denying the 1994 genocide in Rwanda….READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM RNW

“Time is nothing when there is determination” Victorie Ingabire Umuhoza

Alice Muhirwa FDU-INKINGI Treasurer

Alice Muhirwa FDU-INKINGI Treasurer

In an interview with Alice Muhirwa, FDU-INKINGI Treasurer, conducted on 27 January 2012, she describes the political climate in Rwanda from her experience in a political opposition group in Rwanda. She describes the challenges she faces in supporting Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza who is currently on her second year in jail while her trial continues to be postponed. Ms. Muhirwa delivers food to Mrs. Ingabire Umuhoza on a daily basis and describes the conditions she is suffering in.

If there was ever a question of whether or not young people are the hope for change in our world then they should simply look to the brave and courageous example of Alice Muhirwa. Her determination and focus are admirable in a country where oppression of dissenting views is part of daily life.

The interview:

JF:  What are your full name and your position as a political oppositional figure?

AM: Alice Muhirwa, FDU-INKINGI Treasurer.

JF: What challenges do you face being a part of an opposition group or do you have to keep that position quiet?

AM: There is no way you would keep your position quiet when you are a member of the FDU-INKINGI interim Executive committee, based in Rwanda, and engaging directly the dictatorship here on a daily basis.