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RWANDA:Rwanda: Secret services in flagrante delicto fabricating criminal evidence against Mrs. Victoire Ingabire.

Kigali 30 March 2010,

The determination of the regime to derail the democratic process will know no limits as long as the main bilateral partners of Rwanda remain, once again, silent while the country is obviously sinking in a new political and military crisis.  The escalating campaign of persecution and harassment of the opposition has reached a critical point. In a witch-hunting strategy to destroy or to put a stop to the opposition before they have a chance to put forward their ideas and make political gains, the secret services have resorted to fabricating criminal evidence by all means including the internet and electronic surveillance.

Leave alone the questionable use by the government of electronic wide-reaching surveillance tools, in a country like Rwanda, to spy on its citizens and residents (wiretapping; interception of phone calls, emails and internet), the shame is to use the technology to create baseless facts against people i.e. editing emails print-outs and computer hacking.

RWANDA: The New Times and Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza:A nasty character assassination ploy

By Chris Nzabandora
Kigali, January 29, 2010

Ever since Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza set foot in Rwanda on January 16th, 2010, the Rwandan daily newspaper, the New Times, spared no efforts in tarnishing her image.

Indeed, after a crude distortion of her statement at the Gisozi Genocide Memorial, and calls for her arrests and subsequent hate editorials, the newspaper has come out without a new charge of family criminal records, in its issue of January 28th, 2010.

The content of this article betrays the true agenda of the paper and denotes a total disregard of the respect of individual privacy.
The loose narration of the so-called Gacaca trial of Mrs. Ingabire’s mother in Butamwa is an eye opener on the professional standard of to paper. For the sake of the truth, to the best of my knowledge, Mrs. Ingabire’s mother is not a fugitive and has nothing to do with the wild allegations levelled against her by the paper. Mrs. Ingabire’s mother has never been summoned to any hearing of the Gacaca courts and is ready to clean her name.
The newspaper tries, out of cheap propaganda, to imply that genocide ideology is a family rooted crime to which every member has to answer. In a nutshell, the newspaper tries to bring the people into believing that Mrs. Ingabire is guilty, because her mother was tried and sentenced by a Gacaca court. By extension, Mrs. Ingabire would not be clean of any wrong doing in the genocide and is thereby not fit for presidential race. This is the sinister agenda of the paper, for a newspaper whose stated mission is “becoming an exemplary and constructive media house”.

RWANDA : False allegations in the New Times

Chief Executive Officer


The New Times Publications SARL

Immeuble Aigle Blanc

P. O. Box 4953

Kigali -  Rwanda

Subject: Right of rectification and reply to libels published in Sunday Times  on 17th January 2010 and The New Times  of 18th January 2010

  • The Sunday Times of 17th January 2010 – Editorial – “FDU’s Ingabire desecrates memory with Double Genocide theory”
  • The Sunday Times  of 17th January 2010- Front page: News – Ingabire espouses Double Genocide Theory
  • The New Times of 18th January 2010 – Editorial – “Genocide deniers: the law should take its course”
  • The New Times 18th January 2010 – Front page: news – “Govt won’t stand violation of the laws-interior Minister”
  • The New Times 18th January 2010 – Front page: news – “Political Parties, CNLG slam Ingabire ‘divisionist’ politics

Dear Sir,

As the chairperson of FDU Inkingi, I have been subject of a deliberate and continuous heinous and/defamatory campaign in your newspapers accusing FDU  Inkingi’  public intervention at the Gisozi memorial site of Genocide denier, double Genocide Theory, desecrating memorial, divisionist’ politics, inflammatory statements, and many other shameless insults. The worst was to maliciously spread serious accusations related to the genocide, the most severe crime against humanity historically

I would strongly like to set the record straight regarding the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. My position is still and has always been that the genocide against Tutsi took place in Rwanda and all criminals should be brought to book.

I am disappointed by the hatred propaganda, violent, offensive and injurious language towards my person and the FDU Inkingi I represent. It is unfortunate that my words were intentionally twisted. Readers of your papers are purposely made to believe in the content of those offending articles based on untrue facts. 
On 16th January 2010, after my visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center at Gisozi, I made the following announcement in Kinyarwanda, which was also recorded and is here translated in English, the language of your media: ‘It is clear that achieving reconciliation has a long way to go; it is far away and this is understandable considered the number of people who were massacred in our country, because such tragedy is not something to move on from easily on the one hand. On the other, when you analyse the situation objectively, you don’t find any serious strategy intentionally developed and implemented to help Rwandans to achieve that reconciliation. For example, we are here honouring at this Memorial the Tutsi victims of the Genocide; there are also Hutu who were victims of crimes against humanity and war crimes, not remembered or honoured here. Hutus are also suffering. They are wondering when their time will come to remember their people. In order for us to get to that desirable reconciliation, we must be fair and compassionate towards every Rwandan’s suffering. It is imperative that for Tutsi survivors, Hutu who killed their relatives understand the crimes they committed and accept the legal consequences. It is also crucial that those who may have killed Hutus understand that they must be equally punished by the laws. It is finally very important for all of us Rwandans with our different ethnic backgrounds to understand that we need to come together in unity and with mutual respect in order to develop our country peacefully. The reason we came back is therefore to find ways collectively of starting off on that roadmap towards unity, working jointly to remove injustices from our country, addressing as one issues of getting Rwandans to live freely in their country. Thank you.’ 

Based on my declarations, all those false accusations and the subsequent  hate propaganda are baseless and ill-intentioned. It would’ve been better that the reporters contacted me to get my side of the story prior to publishing those inflammatory allegations. I would like also to draw your attention to similar stories aired by other independent media in this respect.

It’s hard to believe that Rwandan journalists write on tragic issues with so much bias and  lack of objectivity. One of the FDU INKINGI policy principles is not to entertain any discrimination or injustice among the Rwandan living and the dead. 

I shall be most grateful if you could find some space in your next editorials of your newspapers’ and on front pages for the relevant clarifications. 
Sincerely yours,

Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire

FDU Inkingi Chairperson 

CC:   -     
The Minister of internal affairs,

  • Press house

 - Document attached: Press release on Gisozi Visit.

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